Full Line Disposable Paper & Plastic Packaging Solution


Production Facilities

Paper and Plastic Plants

Spread over an area of 67,100 sq. meter infrastructure. (Paper: 45,610 sq. meter, Plastic: 21,490 sq. meter.)

Paper Cups and Food Containers Division

4 sets double wall paper cups forming machines, 34 sets German-made fully integrated and auto mated paper cup / food container forming and packing lines.

Auto packing lines for finished cups directly into sleeves that prevent any foreign objects may come in contact with the finished goods.  The monthly paperboard plastic coating capacity of our laminating line is 5,000 metric tons.

Plastic Cups and Food Containers Division

19 sets thermoforming machine with fully automated in mold cutting machines.  9 sets precision extrusion machines equipped with 2,700 tons of capacity per month with raw materials selection from PET, RPET, PLA, PP and PS.

Printing Capability




4 6-color Van Dam printing machines for plastic cups and containers.  Our UV offset printing application and FLEXO machine for paper cups and containers are available with up to 5 ~ 6 colors process to meet your printing requirements.

Warehousing : Organized & Efficient

01 Raw Material Storage

02 Semi-Products Storage

03 Finished Products Storage