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VG Product Catalogue (Full Version) Full paper and plastic product series.

To continuously improve our product, we reserve the right to amend and change the design and/or specifications of our products and items on this website at any time without further notice.
Tamper Evident Container Series The innovative tamper-resistant button lock design and seal ensures quality and eliminates the need for shrink bands and wrap labels. 2024/04/24
Tamper Evident Container Auto Closing Machine VG auto closing machine is designed specifically for our tamper evident hinged lid containers, operate on a variety of container sizes from 8 to 64 oz, and close up to 80 containers per minute. 2023/04/27
PET Clear Container Series Perfect for wet & dry ready to eat foods. 2024/04/24
PLA Bioplastic Clear Cups & Lids Compostable bioplastics made from plant starches. 2024/04/24
PET Clear Cups & Lids 4 rim sizes, available in PET, Blended PET, and RPET. 2024/04/24
Microwave PP Containers Made of injection-molded PP, designed to stand up to high temperatures for food service applications. Organize take-out more efficiently with these Containers. Microwaveable and reusable. 2024/04/24
Single & Double Wall Paper Cups VG single wall paper cups are offered in a variety of sizes to suit multiple drink types, and our double wall paper cups is the best choice for the sustainable growth of the premium beverage segment. 2024/04/24
Paper Accessories Paper cup holders, cup sleeves & paper bags 2024/04/24
Paper Food Container Series VG standard paper food containers can be used with hot soup or pasta but also for cold and even frozen desserts such as ice creams and yogurts. VG heavy duty paper food containers are durable and versatile, a perfect fit for operators seeking options for both hot and cold applications. 2024/04/24
Sushi Tray Containers Ideal for sushi, deli, or small pastries. Perfect for restaurant, cafe, supermarket, or any carry-out food service. 2017/03/14
Rib Tray Containers Great for restaurants and take-our applications. Stackable, leak-resistant, reusable and microwaveable. 2017/03/13
Paper To Go Boxes To Go Boxes are ideal for serving food from dishes to dessert or snacks. Perfect for any restaurant or catering company and also for boxed lunches. 2020/05/22